Aw, hell

Once again I have been hearing about the concept of hell. Let me tell you that hell exists – and you should be scared. Very scared.

Now, let me tell you the Truth. The only hell is the one we create in our own minds and it’s always temporary. We can end the experience whenever we want to. It’s really very simple although at times it may not be easy. All we have to do is stop believing whatever painful untruth we’ve bought into. That untruth might be that we’re bad or wrong – whether we have money troubles or someone is condemning who we are. It’s not really possible to be inherently bad, by the way. You were made by the Divine and, as the Good Books all say, God don’t make no junk.

Many religions teach both that we are Divine by nature and that we have managed to become unnatural and have lost our way. Many spiritual philosophies hold some version of the idea of original sin. That is, some version of the lie that we are broken and God no longer likes, much less loves, us. The thing is every religion points to a way to experience some version of Heaven, either in this life or one of many future lives. If we are inherently bad, why would we ever be allowed into Heaven? If we are inherently incapable of making good choices, why would the great spiritual teachers give us such clear instructions? Why do all the mystics over the course of time tell about the loving presence that surrounds us and is part of us? Heaven is also a state of mind and we can choose it whenever we want.

Whatever. They say if it sounds like a scam, it probably is. Hell is a scam. It’s a convertible with the top down and we’re all hunting desperately for the keys. The Devil is the thundercloud that’s threatening to rain on our leather seats and the Lie is the locksmith coming to get the door open. When we take a step back, come to our senses and realize the Truth, we’ll all have a big laugh and go back to being our own Divine Selves.

2 thoughts on “Aw, hell

  1. Tom Bruning

    Kathleen, one of the biggest reasons I love your writing is that I always feel your Spirit flowing in your words. It’s the best and always on point. Thank you!

  2. Hazel Bowman

    I was raised in two faiths. My father was a devout Quaker and my mother was equally devoted as a Christian Scientist. I bless my upbringing in knowing both. As a Quaker, I learned that God is my friend and as a Christian Scientist I learned that I stand at the portal of my thoughts.

    I’ve never been able to accept the concept of hell as I would then have to change my definition of God. I believe that God is LOVE (all caps) – pure LOVE – beyond anything our mortal mind or life experience can conceive. I believe that God is omnipresent – that God – LOVE – is everywhere, that there is no place where you can be where God – LOVE – is not. And God is omnipotent. That there is no force greater than God – LOVE! So as God is LOVE, and LOVE is everywhere, and there is no power greater than LOVE, I’ve never been able to figure out where hell is to exist except in our thoughts.


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