Duck, Duck, Goose!

The other day I realized that I was getting very anxious. I was anxious because I had so much to do and it wasn’t done yet. I had trouble sitting for more than ten minutes to do spiritual practice because there was so much to do and of course, I was late. Well, I told myself I was late.

You see, in order to fit everything into my week this week, I had a long day on Tuesday, catch up on Wednesday and then leave at 4:15 in the morning on Thursday in order to drive to Phoenix, park the car and get to the airport. I was stressed out in advance. I was stressed out because I was living the whole week at once and feeling like I was already behind… on days that hadn’t happened yet.

One of the metaphors for ministry (and all spiritual life, I think) is that of a duck. We are to glide across the waters of life peacefully and gracefully, never allowing folks to see that our feet are paddling frantically underneath the water. We’re supposed to make it look easy, right? Spiritual people have mastered equanimity. If I’m spiritual then I don’t ever have bad days. Right?

The best spiritual practice I have learned is laughter. Instead of trying to be a duck, I am realizing that I’m a goose. Once I see how silly I’m being, I can laugh and go back to my “to do” list. I can leave God’s “to do” list to God. Oh, and get a hotel in town the night before the flight.

One thought on “Duck, Duck, Goose!

  1. Frederick Kester

    Hi Rev Kathleen,

    So many opportunities as I finish up the practicum for my Licensed Unity Teacher Certificate. I just realized I will be a sponsor for the fall rally for the Teens at Unity. Is there a way I can make up the last Metaphysics class, which I would miss? It would be nice to get the credit for the course.

    In the LUT program, I have had 60 class hours of metaphysics and believe I could make up what I miss in your class. I’m interested in your class as all of my hours have been with the same minister, Rev Paul Hasselbeck who wrote the book: Heartfelt Metaphysics. I think it would be great to have your/CLC perspective on this topic.

    Many Blessings,



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