There are days I just can’t even. I’ve had a list of things – important things! – on my desk for two days that I need to get to before tomorrow night. I only just started them this afternoon. Nothing that took the place of doing my list was unimportant. A call to the Emergency Room, emails, calls, requests for prayer and counseling – all important. Even this blog is important and it still takes a back seat to the other more immediate priorities.

I know full well that one must prioritize and then be hardnosed about sticking to real priorities. I could stand a bit more discipline in that area. At the same time, people are more important than writing reports or even this blog. I value people and helping them to the best of my ability. I’d say it’s one of my primary values, so the list will sit until I get to it. Yes, I know all of this. And yet, that list keeps sitting there, looking at me, saying these things must be done.

I don’t think I’m alone in needing to prioritize or let lists just sit there being mad at me. I don’t think that putting people over writing is wrong, not in my case (your mileage may vary). I am here to remind you and myself that everything that actually needs to get done eventually gets done. Spirit can take a large chunk of this list (and the second mental list that I never write down) and handle it all for me. I have the ultimate Divine Honey-do list here. So, help me out folks. How do you shush the list of urgent stuff in order to stay focused on what’s really important according to your values? How do you remember what your real values are in the face of others who want something else from you?

4 thoughts on “Urgency

  1. Kai Lee

    Delegate if you need to. Prioritize (which you do). Just know that it will get done. Sometimes the knowing is the hard part. We need to plow through the list at the speed of light to prove to ourselves that we can do it. Do one thing at a time and eventually the original list is done and a new one has formed.

  2. Kyra Molitor

    Rethinking lists, I find it’s helpful to ask what do I Want to get done, as opposed to what I think I Need to get done. And then, which list is actually more important to me? I find I’m making lists in my mind every day, then revising depending on energy ( physical and psychological, also emotional). Doing something spiritual- reading, praying, thinking about the journey- is usually at the top of both lists!

  3. Nancy Kelly

    For me I was taught I needed to be mindful of the present moment. What was required in this next breath. What was spirit asking or sometimes telling me to pay attention to. I am a great list maker and forget that my path is one of obedience and often the “other list” is God’s plan for my day, my gifts, me talents. The secret to any joy I have in my life has been to learn that God will always have the best plan for me regardless of what I think might be a better one. One of the building blocks of my faith is this principle. If I allow myself to worry about the “List” I am not only taking control I am also judging that what is in front of me is less important than some preconceived agenda or priority list I have created in my head. Not completed the “List” also places me in a position of self judgement and self shaming. I cannot afford that toxicity in my life so one day at a time I try to remember the commitment I made some 27 years ago that I can’t, He Can, I think I’ll Let Him.


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