Part of the wall of Dumferline Abbey. Some of the stones here still bear the mason’s mark.

According to Abraham Maslow, belonging is one of our basic needs. It fits right after food, sleep and shelter. Back when castles were built by masons, each stone was marked with a code that told the builders where it went. Today, even Ikea marks what pieces go where to create a solid piece of furniture.

When I think about the best things in my life, they all have to do with my connections to people and to groups that I admire and trust. I’m part of the Centers for Spiritual Living as a minister. I’m part of CSL Prescott as the spiritual leader, one of the members of the Board of Trustees and of the Practitioner Circle. I’m the member of a family, which right now consists of my sister and brother and his family. I’m part of a family of choice which consists of soul friends.

Part of knowing I belong on this earth (which I didn’t always know, by the way) is knowing where I stand in my relationships. Lately, my primary relationship is with the Divine. My focus has been on nurturing that relationship and doing what Joel Goldsmith calls “Practicing the Presence”. Everywhere I go, I see the face of God. Every sense is attuned to the Presence – I feel it all around me lately. Did I do something to earn it? No. You can’t earn God and you never needed to. Did I do something to make myself more aware? Yes. I got serious about a committed prayer and meditation practice. I made that practice my priority, even on the mornings I didn’t feel like doing it.  And now I’m reaping the benefits of hanging out full time with the Friend who never lets me down.

It is the Universe’s nature to impart, ours to receive.  Ernest Holmes.

My role in this relationship is always going to be to receive – whether that is support, love, wisdom or lessons. So I know where I fit in. I know that I belong irrevocably to this relationship.


3 thoughts on “Where I belong

  1. Tom Bruning

    once I began the daily practice of meditation, I found a peace that I know how to access whenever II need to. I thank you Kathleen, for that gift.

  2. Lois kropp

    I know you wonder why I blubber & cry through every service. So do I. I cry through weddings, memorial, sometimes the news. But in your case, your sermons always seem to smack me between the eyes. You verbalize what I have been trying to conceptualize. This week, you have a world view of my spiritual history. When I found SOM, I realized I had grown up, found an adult, more mature expression of my spiritual growth. It also provided resource of mental health rescue and healing which would change my life in any ways. Roger Term was my first angel, you come very close. Thank you for being. Our distance challenge must be for some purpose….I’m searching..

    1. Rev Kathleen Sibley Post author

      Maybe because it’s so much fun when you come back home? True spiritually and physically : D


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