Accredited Classes

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5 week course
Date: October 17th
Time: Mondays from 5:30 to 8:30
Cost: early bird $120,
after Oct 7 it's $170

It is also time to sign-up for the Mental Equivalents class. The instructors have pushed the start date to Oct 17 to give people a chance to sign-up and get the discount price

In Case the name confuses you. This is a quote from the curriculum: "The Law of Mental Equivalents is like a magnet that draws the exact thing you have deeply lodged in your sub-conscious mind to you. It never stops working, so the experience you are currently living is the equivalent of your mental picture of yourself at this moment deep within yourself."

Come learn how to use this knowledge and process to create the best life you can imagine.

Meditation Mondays

Start Your Week with Serenity!


Join us for our weekly Monday Morning Meditation featuring the words of Jon Haass and the music of Jackson Rauch. Meditation is good for your body, mind and Spirit. This online meditation is free and open to everyone.

DATES: Ongoing

DAYS: Mondays

TIME: 12:00 PM Arizona Time

FACILITATOR: Jon Haass, RScP and Jackson Rauch

WHERE: Live on Facebook, please email for Meditation Details