Adult Spiritual Education

Adult Spiritual Education

We offer two distinct types of courses, Accredited CSL Classes and Enrichment Classes. 

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Accredited CSL Classes

Accredited CSL classes are certified classes that are offered through Centers for Spiritual Living home office and taught by our Practitioners or Minister. These courses are typically longer in duration – 5 to 10 classes (1 meeting per week). These accredited classes may meet in person or online, and satisfy the pathway to becoming a Practitioner. (Scroll down to find out more about the Practitioner Pathway.) A student interested in taking Core Curriculum must first take Foundations of Science of Mind or Beyond Limits as a prerequisite to all other Accredited CSL classes. 

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes are also offered by our licensed Practitioners, Ministers or qualified members of the CSL Prescott community. These classes are typically shorter in duration (1 to 4 workshops) and don’t require any prerequisites. They may be on the Science of Mind or on other related topics that add depth and breadth to your spiritual practice and your integrated life.

Adult Students
Professional Practitioner Training

Practitioners are individuals of high spiritual consciousness deep understanding, and trained in the art, science and skill of Affirmative Prayers. Practitioners are dedicated to the cause of helping others and knowing the spiritual Truth of each individual.

To qualify for Practitioner Studies, students must have successfully completed the following Accredited CSL classes within the last five years:

  • Foundations of Science of Mind or Beyond Limits

  • Exploring the Roots of Science of Mind (or From Whence We Came)

  • The Essential Ernest Holmes

  • 2 Consciousness Classes chosen from:

    • Spiritual Practices

    • Practical Mysticism

    • Meditation is More Than You Think

    • Power of Your Word

    • Self-Mastery

  • 1 Elective chosen from the full offering of accredited CSL classes.

Students interested in attending our two-year Professional Practitioner Training must meet with the Rev. Kathleen Sibley for a pre-acceptance interview. To be seriously considered for acceptance into the Practitioner Studies program, students must demonstrate a history of:

  • Membership in good standing at a Center for Spiritual Living

  • Committed financial giving to CSL Prescott

  • Sacred service at CSL Prescott for at least 6 months

  • High consciousness within the community

Anyone who has met all of the prerequisites can take Practitioner I. Practitioner II classes are by the invitation of the senior minister only.

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