At Center for Spiritual Living Prescott, we are in good hands! With our powerful senior minister and dedicated staff, you can count on a powerful Sunday service and deepening classes and events all week long.

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Rev Cath DePalma

Hello. I am Rev. Cath DePalma. I am an interim minister for the Centers for Spiritual Living. I am here for the upcoming months to support your community during this transition/transformation time.

The purpose of Interim Ministry is: to support communities in consciously moving through periods of transition, knowing that a healthy transition creates the foundation for the long-term viability and vitality of the community. Change can be a bit hair raising to say the least. If we can look at it as an adventure, we are all going through together, that will have a new and different outcome, we can trust the process of LIFE will guide us through it to something even more wonderful! I will be helping your community through your process of releasing old paradigms and programming as we prepare for the new. I loved meeting so many of you on my first visit. You have a beautiful community, founded on strong, solid SOM principles. Together, let’s see where Spirit leads us!

Jackson Rauch

Our Music Director Jackson Rauch began his musical training with a long stint at the Bryn Mawr Conservatory of Music located near Philadelphia, PA.  Though his early training was classically based, Jackson went on to join rock and reggae projects in Arizona.  Highlights of his long music career include playing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. 

Jackson has found CSL to be a great fit for both his music and his spirit. Jackson brings his passion for music to our Sunday services and says he "hopes to put CSL Prescott on the musical map" in the New Thought movement.