At Center for Spiritual Living Prescott, we are in good hands! With our powerful senior minister and dedicated staff, you can count on a powerful Sunday service and deepening classes and events all week long.

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Rev. Kathleen Sibley

Rev Kathleen joined the Center for Spiritual Living in Prescott in May of 2010. She brings a passion for youth ministry and down-to-earth, practical spirituality to the Center. The Sunday service reflects a love of music as well as a deep sense that spirituality can and should be fun! Her mission in life is to model being fully Divine and fully human at the same time, because too often we act like the two are mutually exclusive.

Office Availability
Rev Kathleen is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday by appointment.

Jackson Rauch

Our Music Director Jackson Rauch began his musical training with a long stint at the Bryn Mawr Conservatory of Music located near Philadelphia, PA.  Though his early training was classically based, Jackson went on to join rock and reggae projects in Arizona.  Highlights of his long music career include playing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. 

Jackson has found CSL to be a great fit for both his music and his spirit. Jackson brings his passion for music to our Sunday services and says he "hopes to put CSL Prescott on the musical map" in the New Thought movement.

Albin Wisniewski

Office Phone: (928) 778-1602