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Today I got inspired to clean my office. Sometimes it just comes over me; the need to go into a cleaning frenzy. Okay, rarely, but it does happen. I find that when my work space is cluttered, my brain feels cluttered. I need to be able to see the actual desk top in order to feel like I’ve accomplished anything at the end of a day and it’s been a while since I communed with mine.

The process of going through belongings says a lot about what I value. I find that I can live without old business cards and empty CD cases. Pictures now get organized and put away – I used to just dispose of them since I didn’t want to have to schlep the boxes around the country with me. Books are sacred – they come home and go on shelves where I can visit them anytime.

I guess that means I value knowledge and wisdom first. I value memories, too, but it’s important to me to find a balance between cherishing what has been and living in the past. Anything that doesn’t really serve a purpose in my life, I discard one way or another. It gets too heavy dragging that stuff around. And my friends will only carry it so many times and so far

Being who I am, all of this seems like a metaphor to me. Old, dusty beliefs are constantly being evaluated – have I used this in the past six months? Have I reached the expiration date on a belief or practice, so that what once nourished me is now making me sick?

It begs the question: what parts of your life or your mind could use some de-cluttering? Where are you behaving and thinking as if nothing has changed, when the reasons for the behavior or thought are long past?

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