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Learning CPR

I found, posted on my Facebook feed, the video of Rev. Dr. William Barber at the Democratic National Convention. I sometimes listen to these talks just to learn things about the art and science of doing sermons. I listen because I might hear something I can learn from. And I listen because obviously, folks like him know how to speak in such a way as to gain a national platform.

In this case, I had no idea that the theme for the Convention was “healing the heart of democracy” but I heard it loud and clear from his talk. And what does it take to heal a heart that might have stopped beating? Sometimes, in extreme cases, it takes CPR. Now this is not just about our country – it’s about every community we belong to, including the one that lives inside our individual skin.

CPR usually stands for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. It gets both the heart and lungs working again when they stop (when it works). So I’d like you to take a moment and make sure your heart and lungs are working, in the spiritual sense. If your spiritual lungs are working, you are breathing deeply of Spirit on a daily basis. If your spiritual heart is working, you are circulating good all around your body.

Just for today, let the C stand for compassion. Compassion is the opposite of judgment. Compassion requires that we reach out (and sometimes in) to find the human within the situation. Compassion isn’t a free pass on bad behavior or a joint pity-party. Compassion is seeing the Divine in any situation and/or person and refusing to speak to anything else.

Just for today, let the P stand for patience. None of us got into the habits, bad or good, that we have in our thinking or our behavior in five minutes or less. Most of us have been working to dismantle erroneous beliefs for as long as we’ve been alive. Most of us get impatient with ourselves and others when we see behavior that doesn’t live up to our ideals. What if we allow ourselves a bit of time to learn how to live from our philosophy rather than our fears?

Just for today, let the R stand for repeat. Because living this philosophy, that says there is no “other” or enemy, that says that God is all there is and it’s up to us to find evidence of that when it seems so very impossible, living this philosophy is something we do over and over. We practice compassion and patience over time, getting better at seeing when we’ve fallen out of practice.

If you’re noticing that life doesn’t seem to be flowing for you or you’re feeling uninspired (do you know that one of the original meanings of inspire is to breath in Spirit?), then it’s time for some CPR. Get a friend to help. Do what you have to do to return to the life you were built to live.

Where in your life are you judging too harshly or being impatient? What are you willing to do to heal that? Please comment on this or anything else in this post either below or on Facebook.

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