Spirit was willing….

This morning if I hadn’t had an appointment, I don’t think I’d have gotten up. There’s nothing wrong – I just decided to ignore linear time and play on social media. Ever notice that reading about doing stuff (DIY projects, how to meditate, etc.) is not the same actually doing it? I’ve been clipping pictures of gardens for a couple years now, but my own meditation garden area is still dirt, concrete and a few weeds.

This is why I both love and dislike our philosophy. Nothing happens until I actually use it. I can tailor the tools to fit my needs and my personality. It’s all about me and how I experience the Divine. At the same time, this spiritual work is like any physical exercise. You can’t really pay someone else to do it for you. If that was possible, I’d be paying fitness coaches lots and probably working full-time doing the spiritual work for other people. Somehow it’s easier to do this stuff for other people rather than myself. But that’s kind of a different topic.

The good part is that Spirit is always willing. Spirit will wait for all of us to sit down and listen (read: meditate). Spirit will wait for us to decide and then say what we really want (read: pray). Spirit is waiting for us to notice how powerful we are, how loved we are, how beautiful we are.

The even better part is that sometimes Spirit conspires for our good. I had an appointment this morning and didn’t know the other person had to cancel until I was already up, dressed and in the office. So here I am, doing my work and loving it. And I’ll have extra time to do my personal work, and love it.

Are you willing today to let Spirit “trick” you into loving yourself? Into feeling loved by the Universe? Into looking into the Universal mirror and seeing your own beauty?

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