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The art of the spiritual snit

The thing about this philosophy is that you can’t just read the books. If you don’t use the tools in your everyday life, you’re wasting your time. No, really, let’s just be honest here. I can teach tools and you can use them really well in a class, but if you don’t use them in the meeting with your boss, or while buying a home, or while untangling a misunderstanding with your spouse or neighbor or kids, why bother spending the money and time learning those tools? That might sound harsh, but it’s true. And I know it’s true because I bumped up against it myself. Okay, so I got into a head-on collision with it while racing at top speed. And as you might imagine, it wasn’t pretty.

I used to work in a law office. I was the supervisor for the clerical staff. I did some of the clerical work, just to keep my hand in and show that I wasn’t too good to do it. Plus, I was bored. I remember transcribing an audio tape of someone who was mentally ill, was accused of burning down a family member’s home and, unfortunately, killing the cat. I really didn’t like that transcription job. Luckily, I was in the midst of training to be a Practitioner (a spiritual coach) and had the presence of mind to ask “Where is God in all this?” I don’t remember the answer I got, but I got pretty peaceful after that. It must have been a great answer, but all I remember is asking the question.

This past week was challenging for me, so I used another tool taught by my former minister, Rev. Duchess Dale. She’d turn on a kitchen timer for five or ten minutes and then tantrum until the bell went off. Whatever she needed to feel was expressed, and then she got back to being a reasonably adult human being. I gave myself more than ten minutes, but the same principle still applies. Lie in bed for the day, pouting resentfully, eating bad food, irresponsibly reading fiction when I knew there was work I could be doing and generally having a tantrum, introvert style. This morning I got up, mentally heard the timer go off, and got back to being me.

There are lots of tools we teach and they work. However, you have to be ready to use them. You don’t get to use them in place of having your human experience. That just leads to more problems because now you’re in denial plus you have all the original issues. This is not a philosophy in which you get to pretend you’re not a human with human issues. Then again, this is a philosophy in which you don’t have to pretend not to have issues. You get to be you, just as you are, and still be a wonderful spiritual being. You get to try on tools in the real world, mess things up and try again. That’s the actual practice part. If someone sees your training wheels, you’ll just get cheered on rather than laughed at.

I screw up on a regular basis. I have bad days, and even bad months. I have times when I have a rotten attitude. I am perfectly capable of spending time having arguments I win with people who aren’t even there. As long as I come back to truth, as long as I spend more time in a higher consciousness and know that the older, more immature behaviors are ridiculous, I’m doing okay. So there. Ppbbbt.

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