The Long and Winding Thought Pattern

So much happens so quickly these days. I had a whole bunch of things to write about, but that was last week. Somehow they stopped feeling relevant and now are positively uninteresting. I suppose in some ways, that’s great. The fears and false beliefs that hypnotized me are no longer even interesting enough to remember. The “aha” moments that were so critical in the moment are part of my everyday thinking.

It makes me wonder about the things that feel so urgent and important today. I am more than willing to be excited about learning. I have fun finding new “aha’s” that can improve my life. Yesterday I sat down and read “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandburg. I was so into what I was reading that I finished the book in one day. I felt like she was speaking directly to me about how I hold back in order to be “nice” or how I don’t even realize I’m limiting myself. I loved the chapter about feeling like a fraud. It’s so much more common than I thought it was – and I thought I was over it, but she redefined the issue for me. I can see, now, the chance to go deeper, to be more authentic and to let go of limiting beliefs.

The things that were bothering me, upsetting me, flipping my sense of identity even two weeks ago feel less important too. I’ve had time and space to come to grips with them, to redefine what some situations mean and to lose the energy around them. Some of the issues weren’t worth talking about. Maybe I just needed to hear myself think them through. Other issues have evolved and I’ve maybe even healed some. I’m more than happy to let those go, given the opportunity.

So here’s what I think I’m saying – let the emotions and energy ebb and flow. The good stuff will add to your life in some permanent way. You can’t really lose the progress you make, even if the effects are hard to see later. And the other stuff that ebbs in importance, that’s okay too. Let it flow. What’s for you can’t go by you. What you take into your soul is yours to keep. What drifts off again can’t really be yours. And thank god for that, right?

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