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Trust in the Universe

Blog entry – Trust in the Universe.

Four words. Trust in the Universe. Sometimes when I hear myself say that, it sounds trite, as if whoever first suggested it never faced bills or illness or a broken heart. Whoever said it first sounds stunningly naïve. But I’ve been meditating on this concept for a long time. What sounds naïve at first actually sounds profound and brave when I sit with it. Given all the ways humans can be betrayed over the course of a lifetime, the decision to trust is courageous. More than that, we are choosing to trust something we can’t see or hold. We can’t email the Universe to “remind” it that we need something. We can’t fill out a complaint form if something doesn’t work out the way we think it needs to. We are deciding, by trusting in the Universe, to rely on something invisible and intangible. That requires some serious guts. Going deeper, I realize that if I am choosing to trust the Universe, then I am acknowledging that there is an Intelligence behind everything that has ever come into being. That Intelligence also created me and we are co-creating my life in this very moment. We are co-creating the experience of God-as-me, as my particular personality with all my strengths and weaknesses, and all my secret hopes and deepest fears. If the Universe that I’ve chosen to trust is one I believe to be Intelligent, then really trusting the Universe means I must breathe through the challenging times, trusting that Something has my back. Really trusting the Universe means that even the ugly, petty and mean parts of me can be faced and embraced. Those are the parts of me I most need to embrace, because judging them hasn’t worked. I just get more ashamed and try harder to squash them. If I truly trust the Universe, then there is no monster hiding in my psyche. I can sit with those parts of me and let them speak. When I do this, what I generally find is a reasonable need that is going unfulfilled, or a belief that is not reasonable at all. Rather than being ugly, that part of me was just trying to get my attention. Trust in the Universe means trusting that that part of me is necessary and good, just like every other part of me. The word “in” captures my attention, too. We are immersed in the Universe right now. There’s really no place else to be. So while we are here, feeling safe and loved is going to be important. I need to know that the world I move around in is rooting for me, setting me up to succeed rather than fail and not trying to trick me into hurting myself. In this philosophy we believe that there is a vast Intelligence that permeates the Universe and that this Intelligence is the essence of Good. So we are surrounded by, and living IN an Intelligence that is supportive. No matter where we go and no matter what is going on in our lives, we always have access to that Friend who can love us through it.

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