visitation ministry

Pastoral Care & the Visitation Ministry

Pastoral Care offers spiritual care to all who are in need in our spiritual community. Loving and prayerful personal attention is provided.  Respectful spiritual support allows an opening to experience the grace of the Divine. Humanity and the Divine are supported through our fellowship with one another.

Pastoral Care uplifts the members  of our spiritual community with emotional and spiritual support. Those who serve Pastoral Care believe that their lives are deeply blessed through loving  and compassionate service and they assist those making life changes.

Our minister, practitioners, and trained volunteers are spiritual caregivers who provide loving support, prayer treatment, conversation, and quiet company to congregants who are hospitalized or confined due to illness or accident.

Pastoral Care takes place in many different ways including:

  • Creating a quiet space for prayer and meditation.

  • Visiting the sick, attending to those making their transition, comforting the bereaved.

  • Offering spiritual support to our congregants and those close to them who are experiencing any of life’s transitions, the familiar trials that characterize the world.

  • It is a ministry of presence, which is centered on a caring acceptance, a nonjudgmental stance, and physical and emotional availability.

  • It is person-centered, spiritual care focusing on healing, guiding, supporting, reconciling, nurturing, liberating, and empowering people in whatever situation they find themselves.

  • It is our joy to reach out to the homebound in order to keep them connected to our spiritual community.