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Center for Spiritual Living Prescott

Rev. Tracey Harrick, Minister

In the realm of Science of Mind teachings, the selection of a new minister is a significant event, akin to the careful cultivation of a spiritual garden. The process of hiring a minister embodies the principle that like attracts like. Congregations seek a spiritual leader whose resonance with their beliefs and values aligns harmoniously. It's akin to planting seeds that share the same soil, sunlight, and nourishment – a recipe for spiritual growth.

When a new minister is welcomed into a community, it signifies a fresh chapter, much like the turning of pages in a sacred book. This leader is expected to nurture the congregation's spiritual development, cultivating an environment where seeds of understanding and enlightenment can flourish. Just as a gardener tends to the needs of the soil, water, and plants, a minister nurtures the spiritual soil of the community, providing the teachings and support required for personal and collective growth.

Furthermore, the hiring of a new minister represents a continuous cycle of renewal and evolution. Just as seasons change and the garden adapts, so too must spiritual leadership evolve to meet the evolving needs of the congregation. In the Science of Mind philosophy, this transition is viewed as an opportunity for both the minister and the community to co-create a journey of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, embodying the principles and teachings that are at the core of Science of Mind.


In love and Kindness,

Rev. Tracey Harrick

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