Center for Spiritual Living Prescott has many special ministries to support you, including:

Children's Association of Awesomeness

Our children are our future leaders, and we believe in providing opportunities for our youth to experience the blessings of spiritual development through education. The lessons follow the life cycles of the seasons and offer age-specific, fun and engaging content designed to enhance children’s spiritual development and enlightenment.


We are here for you! We offer Love, Support, and Prayer to assist you on your journey through life... “The Practitioner uses Spiritual Mind Treatment to bring into actual manifestation the health and happiness which are mankind’s normal and Divine heritage.” - Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science

Image by Alvin Mahmudov
Image by Adam Solomon
Music Ministry

Our talented Music Director, Jackson Rauch, has found CSL Prescott to be a great fit for both his music and his spirit. Jackson brings his passion for music to our Sunday services and says he "hopes to put CSL Prescott on the musical map" in the New Thought movement.

Home Visitation Ministry

Pastoral Care offers spiritual care to all who are in need in our  spiritual community.  Loving and prayerful personal attention is provided.  Respectful spiritual support allows an opening to experience the grace of the Divine.  Humanity and the Divine are supported through our fellowship with one another.

Join a Circle

Our Circles, small group ministries, are a wonderful way to serve and learn with like-minded people. Whether you want to join a book study, support Sunday service or do fun activities, there's a Circle that's right for you.

Ministry of Prayer

Nothing is more supportive than prayer support.  Request a prayer from our loving team of professional, licensed Practitioners. We are here to serve.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez