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Rev. Cath DePalma - Today is the Day!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Today is the Day with Rev. Cath DePalma


This is the transcript of a talk given at Center for Spiritual Living Prescott on July 30, 2023 by Rev. Cath DePalma.

You can also experience this talk by watching the video or listening to it on our podcast, Love Spoken Here.


So I'm doing this meditation series by Deepak Chopra. I really love him. He's just doing some wonderful work and this one is shedding the weight, mind, body and spirit. In it, he says every brain cell in our body—all 100 billion of them—are fully present in the moment. All 100 billion in our brains, every cell of them is present in the moment. So what does that mean?

Well, think about it. We wouldn't be here if they were not fully present. It's not that they're just there, they have to be fully present to what is going on. They have to be in on what's happening with us. They have a job to do to keep us alive. All systems are a go and depend on them, all the functions of our body could not take place without them being fully present in the now moment, responsive to our needs. What a miracle that is. And yet it's such a natural, and it is evidence of this Infinite Intelligence that created us and what It can do. This is just only a small little thing of what It can do.

Who are we? What are we? We're eternal beings. We're invincible beings, here to have a good time. Who's having a good time? Good, good answer. I can't stress this enough that in the now moment, the now moment is our power to create alongside the Universe, alongside the Creator of Worlds. And whether you know it or not, that's what you as a community have done, with your sacred covenant and all the work that you've been doing. You've been working alongside the Universe, the Infinite, this Infinite Intelligence, to bring about what is. So this now moment is where the action is. It's not later when we leave these doors. It didn't happen before we entered—it was happening at those times, it'll happen again—but right now, is where it's at. This is where creation is happening; in this sacred space, creation is happening. Are we present enough to enjoy it? You know, we have to, you know, keep calling ourselves back into the room from our To Do list or what we have to do later or any of those other things that are calling us because we have them, you know, but we have to enjoy the moment.

So there's a great little story about Marilyn Monroe. Some of you might have heard it. She's walking down the street one day and nobody recognizes her. And in her day you would recognize her. I googled her because I wanted to know how to describe her and they said that she was the most popular sex symbol in the 50s. Now this is how we've come a long way in how we talk about women, praise God! But she was considered a sex symbol and you would have known her if she was walking down the street. So a person asked her, “Well, how can that be? How could they not recognize? No one recognized who you are?” And she said, “I hadn't turned her on yet.” “I hadn't turned her on yet.” That wasn't the real her. Who knew what the real her was? I think there's a movie out kind of telling more about who she really is, but, you know, she hadn't turned her on yet, and I think we can use that concept.

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