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Meditation at 10:00 - Sunday Service at 10:30 - Sunday Youth Class at 10:30

3755 Willow Creek Rd.    Prescott, AZ 86301


December 4th - “Freedom” - Swami Sankaranada

Having surrendered to God, lived with, and been guided by great saints in the Himalayas, and having traveled the USA for five years on foot, I am a simple peace pilgrim, a servant of Spirit in our path of awakening to the One Truth. This is a statement of grace. This Ashram, body and mind - are here for the purpose of serving the Lord's mission and our own real purpose in coming here to this physical plane – supporting the path to our own immortal, divine Self. Peace is the mission; Peace is the prize. Peace is within and can be known without only when it is known within.


December 11th - “Creative Practitioner Sunday” - Your CSL Prescott Practitioners

Cumulatively, your Practitioner Core has over 100 years of experience as Religious Science Practitioners.

Have you ever wondered what training is necessary to become a Practitioner, why we became Practitioners, how we serve our community, what are the teachings of Ernest Holmes, what is meant by Spiritual Mind Treatment, or if some of us believe in reincarnation, or what is the fee for a private 1:1 session? Here is your day to ask questions and learn more about us and our teachings. Nothing is off the table so have fun putting us on the spot!


December 18th - “Festival of Lights” - Rev. Cath DePalma, Sandy Kimmerle, RScP, Sharon Tice, RScP,

and Dr. Jon Haass

Join us for a special celebration as we combine Hanukkah (that starts that evening) with Winter Solstice.

Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday, is known as the Festival of Lights, commemorating the triumphant rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem in 164 B.C. The Winter Solstice marks the official start of winter. In winter everything lies dormant in the silent earth; it is a sacred time of rest and reflection before the awakening and the slow build toward brighter days. It is a time to turn inward and light the lamps of knowledge and truth in our hearts.

December 25th - “Christmas Day” - Hazel Bowman, RScP and Sabrina Johnson, RScP

Celebrate with us this joyous service as we remember the true meaning of Christmas Day. This day we are drawn together in consciousness to follow a star, the star of faith in the Christ. This is the Christ, however, not as a single person, but as a presence that indwells every person. For, you see, the Christ is a Universal Presence in each of us. And, in realizing this, we recognize no little nor big, no mighty nor weak, no important nor unimportant. There is only one life, it is the life of pure Spirit, and it is made manifest as the Christ presence within all people.

December 4th

Guest Speaker
Swami Sankaranada

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Learn more about CSL Prescott
what we believe.

We believe we are all One and we celebrate and honor all diversities that we are in this unity of Oneness.

We believe each one of us is a unique embodiment of the One Living Spirit that connects us to each other as the source of our divine wholeness and perfection in all of its potential.
We believe what the great masters of spiritual teachings have taught since the beginning: that Divine Love is the greatest power and we can use this power for Good.

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Sunday services:

3755 Willow Creek Rd. Prescott, AZ 86301



Sunday Meditation: 10:00 AM

Sunday Celebration Service: 10:30 AM

Children's Association of Awesomeness every Sunday

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10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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