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CSL Prescott is ready for a new minister!

CSL Prescott is searching for a new minister to provide spiritual leadership as we move into the future together. 

Here is a look at our community and the CSL Prescott family!

Check out what we have to offer!

For more information, or to apply,

contact Rev. Julie Lobato at



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Prosperity Pledge
Program 2023

For more information on how you can participate and to read a message from your Board of Directors, please click below.

Children's Association of Awesomeness

Join us in creating a world of peace and love! The fun begins at 10:15 AM every week!

In-Person and Online

Meditation at 10:00 - Sunday Service at 10:30 - Sunday Youth Class at 10:15

3755 Willow Creek Rd.    Prescott, AZ 86301


June 4th - "ALOHA" - Rev. Helen Downey - Wear your Hawaiian shirts or attire! 

A L O H A.   A Hawaiian word with which most of us are familiar. It is most commonly understood to mean "hello", "goodbye", and "love". Actually, this simple word has a multitude of meanings, and the Aloha Spirit is infused with even deeper meaning and represents qualities that we could all embrace
to experience more kindness, inner peace and harmony in our world.

June 11th - "Who Are You" - Dr. Karmen Smith

Understanding our personal journey within the context of our identity can create an opportunity for the expansion of Self. Dr. Karmen Smith takes us on a journey of Self discovery.

June 18th - "Mastering Self Care" - Dr. Jon Haass, RScP

Spiritual tools that make our lives better must include caring for the whole person. The health of our body temple, soothing the emotional persona(s), training the little mind through stillness and opening the heart of the Soul. The steps to self care mastery begin again in every moment.

June 25th - "Welcome Life In!" - Rev. Cath DePalma

Personalizing the Infinite requires that we take ownership of the spiritual power that lies within us.

Make room for infinite possibilities by aligning with our divine nature and using this power in creative, loving ways. All Spirit wants is the opportunity to express and we are that opportunity!

June 11th


Sunday Speaker
Dr. Karmen Smith

June Speakers...

June 11th


Dr. Karmen Smith

June 18th


Dr. Jon Haass, RScP

June 25th


Rev. Cath DePalma

June 4th

Helen cslp.png

Rev. Helen Downey

Announcements and Events